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Simply Dope Studios is a private creative studio in Lincoln, NE. 



Music Production



Artist Workshops

Networking Events

...and more!


Our Story

Simply Dope started as an idea in 3rd period psychology for our founder, Keenan Serrano. Since inception, Simply Dope has grown from a clothing brand, to a full blown social movement encouraging people to stand in their power; authenticity.


After years of creating music and building the brand, Keenan and his best friend, Leigha, moved to New York City in the summer of 2019, in search of perspective and adventure. There, they found exactly what they had been looking for...a plethora of highs and lows which ultimately inspired growth. After having their worlds turned upside down by their experiences & the pandemic, Keenan and his partner in crime, Leigha were brought closer to their purpose; to inspire people to live their truth and move from the heart. They decided to move back to Nebraska to reflect and heal, which led to the decision to invest their every dollar into a space where they could achieve all of their artistic dreams.

What started out as a place to execute ideas became a world of its own.

The studio is the perfect vibe for people to open up creatively and explore their artistic interests. Whether you're a young creative who wants to explore the endless possibilities of modern art, an artist who wants to take your talents to the next level, or a hobbyist who never got to fully express their creative aspirations, Simply Dope Studios is here to assist you in exploring your creative interests and ideas.




Apollo Twin Mkii Interface

AKG C214 Condenser Microphone

M-Audio KeyStudio MIDI Piano

Juno 88 Key Piano

Yamaha Hs8 Monitors

Avantone Mixcubes

ATM50x Monitoring Headphones


Waves Plug-ins

Logic Pro X

UAD Legacy Plug-ins

Our Team


Keenan is a multidisciplinary artist and founder of Simply Dope Studios. Originating from North Platte, he has always had a love for art and the idea of creating things that originate in the imagination. In 2010, he started rapping and decided a year later that music was his passion. Playing sports his whole life, a career ending foot injury his junior year forced him to dive deep into his love for the arts. Keenan coined the term "simply dope" while attending high school at Lincoln Southeast High School in Lincoln, Nebraska. In 2015, Keenan started the clothing brand "Simply Dope, USA". Since then, he has been growing and embodying what it means to be simply dope.

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Leigha Rose

Leigha is an artist and partner with Simply Dope. Born & raised in Lincoln, Leigha struggled to really find herself growing up. Always molding herself into what she thought everyone wanted her to be, she hid the fact that deep down she loved to sing. When she was 17, she finally opened up about her passion & started writing her own music after a trip to New York. Thats when her journey to being Simply Dope truly began, and she's been building on it ever since.

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