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Hey Simply Dope Fam, the seasons are changing and there truly is a lot going on in the world… make sure you’re not forgetting about yourself and your dreams. It’s easy to get caught in our routines and neglect our aspirations while time passes us by. We wanted to share Three ways we’ve learned along our journey to help keep you in alignment with your dreams…

1.) KNOW YOUR WHY…it’s soooo important to have a why based in LOVE.. if your why is for fame or money.. it’s not rooted in your love for your passion & it may get you there but it won’t keep you there, & that’s an easy way to burn yourself out. Allow your passion to fuel you & lead the way

2.) USE ALL YOUR RESOURCES!!!.. We all have so many resources! Make sure you’re really utilizing everything around you, this is so important.

3.) GET HONEST WITH YOURSELF… Are you really utilizing all your resources? Doing everything your passion is calling you to do? Are you really in the gym or just there taking selfies? Why haven’t you created that music video, art piece, clothing line, dropped that song etc etc etc… It’s so important to really get honest & take accountability for where you are on your journey… so you can see what needs to shift & move accordingly.

Those are our three tips to staying aligned with your dreams. We truly have all we need to succeed.. If your reading this it’s most definitely for a reason & the world needs YOUR light… make sure you’re tending to your Passions.

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